Friday, August 9, 2013

Pink Phantom

We've made it to the end of another week my friends! Hopefully we've all made it in one piece? I do have a small announcement and I figured I'd just go ahead and get it out of the way first. Next week will begin two whole weeks worth of Drugstore Digits! I'm super excited to bring this back and for those of you not familiar, Drugstore Digits is where I make frankens comprised entirely (or almost entirely) of polishes that can be found in your local everyday drugstore or supermarket! I definitely have some cool stuff planned!

Moving on, so today's polish I decided to name Pink Phantom, for reasons I will explain in a sec. But I tried to google something super awesome and found this

Apparently those little guys that Pac-Man tries to avoid are ghosts, or PHANTOMS. Who knew? I'm not sure what exactly I thought they were in the first place (squid?), but I've officially been schooled on some knowledge. Anywho, back to the polish! I started out with 3/4 of a mini bottle's worth of TKB Glamour base. I then added one small scoop of Misfits on 8th Pink Neon pigment. I followed it up with one good sized scoop of fine orange shimmer which I purchased from a retailer which is no longer selling franken products (bummer). Finally I added another good sized scoop of Misfits on 8th Pink Glow Pigment. Check out why I call it Pink Phantom

Peekaboo! Orange shimmer!

I thought this was a great angle to see how glowy the orange shimmer was in the pink base!

Now the reason I called it phantom....


Swatches show 3 coats plus one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry (which doesn't effect the glow at all). My nails were charge for about 30-45 seconds. Be aware, I have found that glow pigment does tend to thicken up your base a bit so be careful! The formula was very easy to work with despite being a little thick.  It wasn't difficult to level and I don't think the dry time would have been to terrible either. I love how glowy the polish is even when the glow pigment isn't charged up! Seems like a fitting polish to have towards the end of summer. We have already all been seeing the Fall vamps that have been coming out.

Well that's all for today ladies, see you next week for the beginning on another absolutely admittingly awesome Drugstore Digits series! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


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  1. Very nice pink, and Phantom is a great name too. :) Oh, and I used to play Pac-Man on my Atari in 1982...ghosts and all.

    1. Does it make you feel super old to know I wasn't born yet? ;)

    2. Well...I don't look my age. And you were really missing out. The 80's were nothing short of phenomenal!! :D

  2. This is awesome!! It's so cool how it glows in the dark!! Oh, and they're definitely squids haha ;D

    1. Thank you for both, lol! I'm gald I'm not the only one who thought they were squids!


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