Monday, February 10, 2014

An Elephant Never Forgets

Did everyone enjoy their weekend? Any interesting stories, good, bad, whatever? I have already started to get into wedding planning mode, so you can probably guess what I've been doing as of late! We don't even have a date set yet, lol. Hey, but you can never be too prepared right?

Moving on, for today's franken, I envisioned a polish in which two different colored microflakies kind of duked it out on the nail giving the polish an almost textured effect. Yeah… that didn't happen, but it is pretty cool anyways! I started out with 3/4 of a bottle of TKB Luster Base. I then added 2 drops of Color Club Rebel Spirit and one drop TKB Black Nail Polish Colorant to slightly color the base. Finally, I added one medium scoop of Glitter Unique Gun Metal Micro Flakies and 2 medium scoops of the Sparkling Taupe Micro Flakies.

After I was done taking my first round of photos, I felt like this polish was just begging to be mattified, so I exercised my right of no self control and gave in to the temptation. I think I like it better that way!

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the normal finish, but it totally just WORKS with the matte! I love it. Original swatches show two thick coats of An Elephant Never Forgets plus once coat of fast dry top coat. Matte photos is that plus one coat of OPI Matte Top coat. Opacity was not problematic. The formula was thick, but I prefer my polishes that way; thick and easily spreadable. One thing I finally did realize with this polish though, no matter how hard I try, those Sparkling Taupe flakies always end up giving the overall look an almost purple tinge. So think of these flakies as a taupe with strong purple undertones.

So what do you think? Matte or no matte? 

Well that's all for today! Hopefully you had a wonderful Monday and see you back next time for more franken awesomeness! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* TKB Luster Base and Black Nail Polish Colorant: TKB Trading
* Gun Metal and Sparkling Taupe Micro Flakies: Glitter Unique
* Color Club Rebel Spirit: Random set found at Ross

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