Friday, October 11, 2013

Blood Thirsty

Hellloooooo Franken babes! I am prescheduling this post because hopefully by this time Friday, I will be relaxing with the bridal party of the wedding I am attending and getting a pedi. I don't care how often you do your nails, it's hard not to appreciate a GOOD pedicure. Hopefully, when I get back, I will have an awesome mani to show you from the wedding too!

Anywho, I'm either a seriously creepy individual or continuing on in my Halloween themed polishes. Let's go with the latter shall we (muahaha!)? ;) I love Halloween and I think it's maybe just because it's the first holiday around time of year where I don't have to worry about sweating in weird and inappropriate places (behind my knee caps? Who DOES that?). Plus, I really really enjoy handing out candy to kids. Love their sweet little faces! But I digress, onto the polish!

Today's polish started with the standard 2/3 of a mini bottle's worth of TKB Luster base.  Next, I added in about 2-3 drops of TKB Basic Red Jellie. I then added one scoop of matte peach .008 hexes from Glitter Unique. I topped the polish off with one good sized scoop each of TKB's gold flakies and red flakes for some added depth!

Look! My hands are clean!

Swatches show three easy coats plus one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. Formula was super awesome and didn't drag or pool. It was mostly opaque and two coats but I added three to add a little more complexity to the polish. So let's be honest here, this polish is weird. Can anybody point me to a polish similar to this one? I'm not sure entirely what I thought this would end up as, but I certainly don't hate it. What do you guys think?

Well that's all for today's polish! Have a wonderful weekend and see you back on Monday for a brand new creation!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* .008 Matte Peach Hexes: Glitter Unique
* Luster Base, Basic Red Jellie, Gold and Red Flakies: TKB Trading


  1. This could be one of those gelatin salad molds, you know, with the finely chopped nuts and coconut? :D I think the color is pretty. :) Have fun at the wedding! Oh, and I sweat behind my knees too.

    1. I'm back! Thank you my dear! I always loved jello with fruit so I think that's a compliment! Also, thank you for letting me know that I am not along with my knee cap sweating problems, lol.

  2. So true, a good, pro pedi is such a treat! I hope you're having an awesomely fun and relaxing weekend. I must say, reddish coral jellies with warmer shaded glitters aren't ones I'm usually drawn to but I loooove that subtle violet flash. I sweat behind my knees, too, ya weirdo ;)

    1. Knee sweaters unite! Haha. The weekend was nice, but as weekends usually are, not nearly long enough. I'm glad I can at least convince you that not all coral-jelly-warm-glitter-combos are not ALL terrible :)


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