Monday, May 5, 2014

Snow Globe

Back to another beginning of the week! I am flying back home today since our week long vacation is over, albeit too quickly. So while I am not super stoked to be returning to work, I am pretty excited about this polish, even if it didn't turn out exactly like I'd hoped.

Since the concept is widely unattainable, I attempted to make a white linear holo, but I did mine with a little flair. I started this polish off with TKB Glamour Base, I then added one medium scoop of TKB Noble sparks (which are a silvery white shimmer), 4 drops of thinned out TKB White Nail Polish Colorant, one medium scoop Glitter Unique Rainbow Pearl Tiny Flakes (which are predominantly white but flash colors of blue, red, purple, and gold in the right lighting), and finally, 6 drops Spectraflair4u size 14 w/ base.

The last photo is probably the most accurate in terms of color. Due to the fact that the Spectraflair is grey, it casts a light grey into the white base. Therefore, this polish is walking the very fine line between white and a very light grey. However, it's close enough to white that I am happy with the base color. Plus, the linear holo and the teeeeeeeeny tiny multicolored flakies make this polish so complex. The last pic shows a little of the flakies but my camera did not want to pick up on their multi colored goodness. Now for the formula, not gonna lie it was kind of a pain in the butt. If I did not polish carefully, the polish would pull up in places if I went over it twice with my brush. I do understand that it was probably my fault as I tried to load all the pigment and flakies I could into it. I think a little bit of thinner would go a long way in this baby. That being said, swatches show two coats plus fast dry top coat.

Well, that's all for today my dears! Hope you have an easy start to your week! See you next time for more franken goodness! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* Glamour Base, White Nail Polish Colorant, Noble Sparks: TKB Trading
* Rainbow Pearl Tiny Flakies: Glitter Unique
* Size 14 Spectraflair in base: Spectraflair4u

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