Monday, January 20, 2014

Stump the Femme- The Never Ending Story: The Nothing

Hello my lovelies, hope those of you that are having a long weekend are enjoying it thoroughly. Those of you that aren't, my heart is shedding a tear for you. I would be lying if I said that I didn't spend the majority of yesterday and some of today in bed. If there was a job in which being the laziest ever would make you the most successful, I'd be Bill-stinkin-Gates FO SHO. But since there is not, how's about I at least do something constructive and show you today's Stump the Femme creation? For any noobs that may be reading, every so often, I put out a call on Facebook asking my readers for ideas they think would stump me when I try and turn that idea into a polish. The winning idea(s) then get their idea turned into a polish, blogged about, then mailed to them to keep! Cool right?

I was fan girling out when my handsome man randomly chose The Nothing from a bowl for today's Stump the Femme idea. The Nothing comes from the book/movie The Never Ending Story. The Nothing is described as

 an emotionless destructive force and the main antagonist of The Neverending Story. It is a dark void representing "human apathy, cynicism, and the denial of childish dreams" that is slowly consuming the world of Fantasia. " - from same credit as Nothing and Gmork photos

I was OBSESSED with this movie growing up so I was totally stoked to see what I could do to turn this into a polish. First things first, here is your sneak peek

Here is a picture of The Nothing and his number one henchman…..errr… henchdog… henchwolf (?) Gmork

I started this polish off with TKB Glamour Base. I then followed it up with 2 medium sized scoops of Glitter Unique's Gun Metal Micro Flakies. Next I added one medium scoop of TKB .025" Black Square glitter and 2 small scoops of Glitter Unique's .008 Black Holo Hex. Finally, I added a few drops to TKB Black Nail Polish colorant to slightly tint the base and allow the polish to be buildable. Now onto the swatch photos! But first, please enjoy this terrible iPhone picture of the ingredients. Hooray!

The holo hexes were great at representing Gmork's eyes as they are bright and piercing while the micro flakes help provide the hazy base of The Nothing's clouds. This polish is opaque at about 3 coats and does dry to a somewhat dull finish so I recommend top coat! Well that's all for today's Stump the Femme idea. Thank you to Ms. Jade L. for your awesome idea, I hope you like it! As for everyone else, how did I do with this one? Be honest…. within reason ;^)

I look forward to seeing you around for my next awesome post. But until then, remember to keep it clash and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* TKB Glamour Base, .025" Black Squares, and Black Nail Polish colorant: TKB Trading
* .008 Black Holo Hexes and Gun Metal Micro Flakies: Glitter Unique


  1. Ohhh, this is so pretty! I love the holo hexes peeking through the dark base. <3

    1. Thank you! I think the hexes are probably my favorite part too.

  2. Oooh, I love this! Totally love the new blog design too, so awesome!! :)

    1. Thank you to both things! I redesigned the blog on a whim and was hoping people would dig it :)

  3. Winner! And loving the new look here, too!

    1. Athankyou madam! I did it on a whim so I'm glad you dig it... polish too!


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