Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet Me in Outer Space

Hello my dears, another Monday is upon us! Hopefully you are all delightfully rested and ready to tackle your week. I'm pretty excited because we decorated the house for Christmas (don't hate on my pre-Christmas excitement!) so the house feels so magical!

Anywho I digress, but first things first, I posted a little somethin somethin about a giveaway I'm part of so if you haven't gotten to it yet, check it out. It's pretty spectacular! Now, onto the polish (which I happened to name after one of the best Incubus songs OFALLTIME). I started the polish off with about 3/4 of a mini bottle's worth of TKB Luster Base. I followed it up with about 8-10 drops of Wet 'n' Wild Black Cream polish. Finally, I added one medium scoop of TKB Red Sparks! and two scoops of Misfits on 8th Pink Glow. I figured I should go ahead and get out of the way that I was aiming for a black jelly base with bright red shimmer/glassfleck. Did I hit the mark? Let's see!

Look ma! I made a…. duochrome?

So let's be honest here, the only thing I really got correct with this polish is the fact that it's a glass fleck. Other than that, I came up with a burgundy/maroon to gold shifting glass fleck jelly which is not at all what I intended. Awesome? Sure! Intended? Nope. I'm not really sure what to think of this only because I don't really know how the polish turned an entirely different color. I do admit that it's pretty cool looking and even slightly reminiscent of Orly Space Cadet. Swatches show 2 thick coats plus top coat. Formula was pretty easy and there was no dragging or pooling. Sad face, I couldn't get a decent picture of the pink glow but it was definitely significant enough to scare the pantaloons off me in the middle of the night!

What do you guys think? Happy accident, or miserable fail?

Well my loves, that's all I have for you today. Hope to see you again next time for more franken creations! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Are From:
* TKB Luster Base and Red Sparks: TKB Trading
* Wet 'n' Wild Black Cream Polish: Walmart
* Pink Glow: Misfits on 8th


  1. Very very cute, Becca!!
    I love duochromes :D

    1. Thank you Tha, me too! ESPECIALLY the unexpected ones :)

  2. It looks pretty great to me, so I'd say happy accident! :-)

    1. I think this is one accident I can be ok with ;^) I appreciate it!

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  4. I think this came out awesome. I love the shift.

    1. Athankyou :) Intentional or not, I'm always up for a shifty polish


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