Monday, September 30, 2013

The Femme DIY's - Mineral Veil

Hello my dears! So I've decided to throw in a post every once in awhile where I DIY other things, not just polish. Now my sweet polish fiends, don't you worry, these posts will be few and far between. However, I figured this might be a great way to get through my ginormous list of Pinterest projects while inviting you along for the ride!

Today's project is DIY mineral veil!

Now, I started with this post and then tweaked it to something that works for me. So let's check it out shall we? As stated in the linked post, I started this powder off with one TBSP of corn starch and one TSP of baby powder. It is said that these are the basic ingredients in your higher end mineral veils (think smash box, etc).  How crazy (and overly expensive) is that?? However, for me, I also added 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon each of Rimmel Natural Bronzer and Physician's Formula Color Correcting Powder. I do have a couple reasons for this. One, this powder is eerily white with just the baby powder and corn starch (but still buffs out translucent). Second, I had pretty bad skin growing up so I prefer the color correcting properties added in to help balance out my skin tone. If you prefer to keep it natural, stick with the first two ingredients. If you want to cater it more to your skin's needs as I did with mine, you can simply add extra powder.

Next, I combined all of these ingredients in a metal mixing bowl and literally whisked them together.

Anyone up for some mineral veil batter?

Finally, once thoroughly combined, I poured the powder onto a piece of paper, folded it in half, and put it in an old pot (in my case an old makeup primer jar)

I use my mineral veil after I have applied my liquid foundation but prior to my blush and bronzer. I simply use a fluffy brush and buff it in.

Hey mineral veil, you hiding?

Now, I have combination oily skin. You could use  my T-zone as a landing strip and/or WD40 substitute if necessary.... it's that shiny fo real. Not only that, but I have very sensitive skin that tends to break out at the drop of a hat (try not to get TOO jealous). I have tested this mineral veil out for well over a year and can genuinely say I love it and it works for me. The corn starch helps to keep my skin from getting overly oily and shiny and the powder buffs in to a smooth finish. So, if you're feeling adventurous, I say give it a go! What have you got to lose (other than your own personal landing strip)?

Well my dears, that is all for today! See you back Wednesday for more frank magic! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Today's Supplies Came From:
* All supplies came from either Walmart or Target

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