Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ruby White Tips - Kim

*Product was purchased by me at a blogger discount*

Hello my dears! Where has the time gone? I still find it strange that the hours can seem so long but the days go by so quickly. How does that even work? I spent my weekend house and dog sitting for a family I babysit for. Since it was such a break from my normal routine, I got my blogging all mixed up and here I am! However, it did give me some time to get some swatching done, and I have one of those swatches to show you today!

The Ruby White Tips shop on Etsy describes Kim as

Kim, is a nude brown hologram polish. The rainbow shows up softly without the sun shining on it, but then when the light and sun hits it it comes to life. 

Let's see if the polish lives up to it's claims shall we?

So far I dig it, it's a nude with a 'tude! Enlarge for the holo detail

Here is a shot in the shade to show you the texture of the polish. The photo above and below are more color accurate!

I caught some of the holo! This little stumpy friend would be my mishap of a middle finger.

I love this polish! I love the understated nude color with the pink undertones. But, it really comes alive with the added micro flecks that give the polish a more textured look. A little holo never hurt anyone either! Despite the somewhat textured look, the polish was super smooth. All swatches show two medium to thick coats plus top coat. Formula was thick, creamy, and easy to spread. This will definitely be my go to palate cleanser when I am ready for a polish break. Dare I say this could potentially be a contender for a wedding polish?!? What do you think?

Well, that's all for today my dears, I will be back next time with another Ruby White Tips pretty! But until then, remember to keep it classy and creative!


Also, don't forget to check out Ruby White Tips on:
* Etsy


  1. My husband's wolverine ex-wife is named Kim, and I have a hard time with name association, LOLOL...but this sure is lovely, and besides, you're awesome. :P

    1. I love you just for calling her a wolverine ex-wife, lol. I understand if you can't get over the name, but if there is any reason to possibly overlook it, this would be a good one!

  2. SAY HELLO TO MY STUMPY FRIEND!!! You're so funny :) My middle finger's not my favorite, either... but trust me when I say yours looks perfectly normal! I'm in love with all things nude holo so this'll likely end up in my stash at some point, lol.

    1. Lol, it's stumpy just like the rest of me honestly. Thank you for your vote of stumpy confidence! As for the polish, it really is fabulous. I was surprised by how much I love this.


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